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“Past feminist refusal to draw attention to and attack racial hierarchies suppressed the link between race and class. Yet class struggle in American society has been shaped by the racial politic of white supremacy; it is only by analyzing racism and its function in capitalist society that a thorough understanding of class relationships can emerge. Class struggle is inextricably bound to the struggle to end racism.”

—   bell hooks, Feminist Theory: from Margin to Center (via wocinsolidarity)

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Casual ableism thinks that people who don’t make eye contact can’t be trusted.

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stop making movies about straight people

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[Image Description: a black on white line drawing of a tree branch, curling up from right to left, the tip of the branch curves up and to the right It is sparsely feathered with slim, fern-like leaves. Written in the curl of the branch are the words: Love who you want, How you want, As many as you want.]




Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

Titled: Brace for It.

i don’t know about you but when i was wee and presented with a future of metal mouthwork, i don’t doubt that i experienced a kind of armageddon. how was i gonna kiss my equally brace-faced crushes? our teeth would inevitably lock together, probably at a pool party, and we’d have to co-swim and awkwardly climb up the pool steps in front of everyone we knew…apocalypse (in a prepubescent, suburban kind of way).

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an aesthetic that will never go out of style: making others feel loved, needed, and important 



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Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape (Explicit), by Colored Girls Hustle


Ok SO I love this so much!!! My favorite lyrics:

  • "Jumpsuits and tutus, we stick together like band-aids and booboos!"
  • Sick on dem Waves is just epic! - “Where the mermaids at? Where the mermaids?! Ariel!!!!”
  • I pussy pop for freedom 
    I pussy pop for fun 
    Drop it low for liberation 
    We shall overcome ”


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The best part about having a chronic illness is getting to feel guilty about being sick all the time. Two thumbs up.

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Can all my Lesbian/bi/queer Women of Color please reblog this? I want to see how many of use are out there, and I need more blogs to follow

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I used to think
I was overreacting.

now I realize
it was just a

normal reaction
to an abnormal

amount of

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